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On Untruths

"You have surrendered yourself to untruths."

Have you ever heard a comment from someone and been completely and utterly blown away and then immediately after, it was like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle sitting in a box for 44 years was automatically and instantly assembled before your eyes? No? Well I did. It happened today.

I was in a healing session with a woman I had newly met. It was a very very powerful and beautiful session unlike any I had ever experienced. She is a Sufi healer and has an innate ability to combine her gift of visions, healing, intelligence and empathetic connection into a very powerful and dynamic experience.

Now getting to the truth. Or should I say untruths.

When she said that sentence to me, I instantly burst into tears. And I could feel a tidal wave of emotion released and a lifetime of pain soothed. When you have spent your entire life being told by everyone that is close to you the correct way to behave, the correct way to eat, the correct way to talk, the correct way to BELIEVE -- you tend to shackle yourself to all of these "truths" which can be incredibly limiting and guilt inducing. Especially if you cannot live up to these items.

Imagine spending your entire life trying to achieve items that were unachievable. But no one ever tells you they are impossible. They only berate you for not being able to accomplish them.

Then imagine someone holding your hand and gently walking you to a door. They hand you a key. And when you turn the knob, instead of hearing a cacophony of angry shouting telling you all of the things you have done wrong, instead you hear a very gentle whisper, that says:

"You are enough."

That is what happened to me today.

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