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"They thought they WOULD bury us.  They didn't know we were seeds."

A buried seed is symbolic for a person that has experienced sickness, darkness and isolation. With warmth, care and nutrients, that person is able to burst forth and grow into a healthier and more vibrant human being.


When faced with illness, it's common to feel like a buried seed in despair. With the right support system, the art of natural medicine, a dose of patience and your own internal strength, you will find that you can grow into a person that is stronger than ever.


It is my hope that I can walk beside you on your journey to wellness so that you can be the seed that transforms into the natural wonder you were always intended to be.

Why Clinical Herbalism
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Michelle is a clinician in the field of Western Herbalism and is the owner and proprietor of Appalachian Herbs and Aromatics, LLC.  Her journey began ten years ago when she and her son were diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.  They were able to find solace and healing with an herbalist, and their experience led Michelle to go back to school to learn how to treat others.  Michelle’s volunteer work with the chronically ill, coupled with her recent four years of higher education have culminated in the formation of her herbal practice in which she looks to help others heal just as she did a decade ago.

Michelle has volunteered since 2014 as the Administrator for a Facebook page called “Wholistic NOVA” where she helps guide over 5,000 members to take control of their health through whole food diets and holistic healing practices.

Prior to her venture into herbalism, Michelle gained real world business experience for over 22 years which included seventeen years in the security profession and seven years in human resources.  This combination of a deep sense of obligation to keep others secure, paired with her innate gift to help others, enables her to approach your healing journey with the best interest of your whole person in mind.

Michelle holds a B.A. in English from the University of Mary Washington, an M.A. in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and a M.Sc. in Clinical Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  In March of 2015, Michelle became a Certified Aromatherapist from the Aromahead Institute. 

Michelle is a Virginia native, born in Haymarket, and currently resides in Stephenson, Virginia with her son and partner. She looks forward to working with anyone that is willing to listen, learn and make the necessary changes in order to take control of their own life choices and health journey.

Meet Michelle


"Michelle has the ability to discuss her knowledge beyond that of the specialists and mainstream providers I have seen.  She has a unique humbleness of knowledge combined with the ability to educate, which allows her to include the client in their choices for their own healthcare by listening, skillfully assessing their situation and laying out options providing them all the pros and cons.  Michelle Joy is someone that earnestly earns their client's trust and respect and helps them to feel empowered."

-- Amy D.


Education SESSION


This is a 20 minute session which allows you to learn about the consultation process and the expectations of the healing journey.  This is helpful for someone that is new to Herbalism and wants to learn more information before committing to a full consultation.


Any client that books an initial consult after the education consult will be credited $25 towards their next session.



This initial consult will include a full 2 hour review of the client's health history and a discussion of goals and objectives for their wellness journey.  Up to 3 hours of research will go into developing a custom protocol and will be provided within 1 week of the initial consultation.

follow up

$25 per 15 MIN

This consultation will review the client's progress on their wellness journey. 


Any relevant modifications to their protocol will be sent within 72 hours.  Major protocol revisions will be billed at $25/15 minutes.

emergency consult

$25 per 15 min

This is a service for acute conditions in order to receive advice on how to address concerns quickly.  This can also be used as a brainstorming session to determine next steps on a client’s healing journey. 



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